Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Your World

I prefer the path of a disoriented compass than the inevitability of your straight line between A and B. For where I start and where I end will be the same, but my path for my sake I shall amend. The space between is where I’ll be, but don’t look for me for it’ll be too far for your eyes to see. I’m not too arrogant to proclaim that I’ll end up somewhere with high acclaim. For I concede I’ll surely be dead, just as dead as you’ll be.

To see the forests and deserts and oh how can it be, to allow yourself back into complacency? How can it be that a man from propriety allows such idioticy? To not feed the seed inside of him but accept what is laid out in front of him. Even the youngest of men can see this path to folly. So I’ll gab my compass and accept where it might take me. From Azerbaijan to Bali, the mountains, and the seas.

"The Drifters" And My Thoughts

May this book be read for entertainment and yet remembered for its insight. To dismiss the parallels found in today’s world would be tragic for it in of itself bridges two distinctly different generations. Though today's youth exists in an entirely different social and cultural ambiance than our parents and our parents parents, the individual lessons and struggels learned by the people through each generations different battles are applicable throughout all ages. And let it be remembered that in subscribing to an ideal of order without personal conviction, the catalyst to unhappiness has been served. Only through a personal conviction established through a lifetime of experiences and a willingness of the spirit to grow, learn, and lead, might we find our own direction, our own order. May this book be read and may it be appreciated.

Friday, July 22, 2005

My Sheets

And before I went to bed last night
I saw my sheets were in such a plight.
Strewn haphazardly all across my bed,
It certainly was a messy sight.

So for the first time this summer
I fixed them just so.
And for the first time this summer
To sleep I could not go.

Perhaps the need to keep them thus
Proved to much to handle.
Constrained I felt and knew that I must,
Thrash the sheets around in some tyranical fuss.

So as I go to bed tonight
I'll keep them just so.
And as I crawl into bed
To sleep I will surely go.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What do you do?

In response to bootstrapsandlawyers conversation about his occupation and the discussion of thus with laypeople. It should be noted that as opposed to interacting with Houstonians in a bar, typically I interact with some tree lovin' people in some field, biking trail, or open air restaurant. This is a mock conversation with somebody I meet when propositioned with the question, what do you do?

Hippie: ya, ok, so what do you do?
Me: I'm a geologist

Hippie: cool
Me: Thanks

Then I find a way to quickly change the subject. It's worked the last 2 years. Oh ya, I'm a petroleum engineer

Friday, July 08, 2005

Fishing Anecdotes

To not be prepared in every way to catch a trout means to not catch any at all... Though sometimes they aren't prepared to be caught anyway.

Tis' a far better afternoon to stand in the river and catch nothing than to sit at home and catch nothing