Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rebuttle: Boot Straps and Lawyers

This blog was created with the intent to refute, affirm, or enlighten the author of Boot Straps and Lawyers. I will refrain from anonomously belittling him on his blog, as that is somewhat distasteful, or acting like one of his groupies who believe a comment is always necessary and should be longer than a novel.

1L's at Firm Receptions - You don't wanna be Farva on Super Troopers

Ethiopian Resturants - Last time I checked China had horrible human rights violations and N. Korea is famine stricken; we've been eating Chinese and Korean food for a long time. Why take Ethiopia's side? We eat out Outback, have the bloomin onion, but that food is not indigenous to Australia, so why does it matter if the Ethiopian restaurant you refer to isn't selling only water and crackers?

Valentines Day - We should revert to the old days of the Roman empire. "As early as the fourth century B.C., the Romans engaged in an annual young man's rite to passage to the God Lupercus. The names of the teenage women were placed in a box and drawn at random by adolescent men; thus, a man was assigned a woman companion for the duration of the year, after which another lottery was staged." Or I can be Emporar Claudius II and propose an edict forbidding marriage because "married men were more emotionally attached to their families, and thus will not make good soldiers." I interpret soldiers in the 21st century as meaning a single man living his life.

I spent my last two Valentines Days snowboarding in Steamboat and at the Silk Stocking...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Double Life

Written by: Don Blanding
Musical chord progression modified from: "Indigo Mood"
Composed by: HHP3


How very simple life would be G
If there were only two of me D/F#
A Restless me to drift and roam Em
A Quiet me to stay at home. G/D
A Searching one to find his fill C
Of varied skies and new found thrill G/B
While sane and homely things are done Am7
By the domestic Other One. D

But that's just where the trouble lies; G/D
There's a restless me that cries B7/D#
For chancy risks and changing scene, Em
For arctic blue and tropic green, G/F
For deserts with their mystic spell, C
For lusty fun and raisin' hell. A/C#

But shackeled to that Restless me
My other self D rebeliousely Eb
Resists the frantic urge to move. Em
It seeks the old familiar groove G/F
That habits make. It finds content C

With hearth and home dear imprisonment, G/B
With candlelight and well loved books Am7
And treasured loot in dusty nooks, D
With puttering and garden things G
And dreaming while a cricket sings D/F#
All the while the Restless One Em
Insists on more exciting fun G/D
It wants to go with every tide, C
No matter where... just for the ride. G/B
Like yawling cats the two selves brawl Am7
'Till I have no peace at all D

One eye looks to the forward track, G/D
The other eye looks sadly back, B7/D#
I'm getting wall-eyed from the strain, Em
(It's tough to have an idol brain) G/F
But One says "stay" and One says "go" C
And One says "yes" and One says "no," A/C#
And One self wants a home and wife
And One self craves D the drifters life. Eb

The Restless fellow always wins Em
I wish my folks had made me twins. G/D
D (strum)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Thought It Was My Turn

Written and composed by: HHP3

"This song is dedicated to that litte voice inside of everyone that knows better. May it be heard loudest by those tying themselves down right now. "

I thought it was my turn
First college a job then her
Love I thought I’d found
As far as I could discern
Now it seems all a joke
My life is being choked

That’s why I'm out here in the cold
Wishin’ I’d been bold
Gone the other way
I should've told her no
Instead she’s here to stay
I’ll never have it my way

That’s why I'm out here walkin’ around
Listenin’ to those sound
Of acorns in the trees
Their fallin' to the ground
It's a beat all their own
Something I’ve hardly known

That’s why I'm going to drink some beer
Get my ass in gear
I’ll be soaked all through
It’s tried and it’s true
It’s the only way to go
Tryin' to enjoy this show

So I'll be home by 5:00
From now until I die
Honey I’m home
We’re playin’ house all day
I thought it was what you do
Hell I’m only twenty-two

...Hell I'm only twenty-two?!

That’s why I'm calling a good friend
Tellin’ him where I’ve been
Come pick me up
Let’s get on down the road
Come pick me up
I’ll be out in 10 - C G Am
Yah, I’ll be out in 10 - Am G C

Friday, June 23, 2006

My 2 week 3,000 mile sabbatical

The impending first day of work and every day thereafter stands before me as a very cold and merciless monument. One which has forced me to stare into its harsh face of reality. I have endeavoured over the years and made personal sacrifices to stand where I am right now, at the brink of a career, and it is time to embark upon this new adventure. Time to throw myself at the institution of the full-time job and while demanding excellence refuse to allow the job to dictate those stereotypes implied. The status quo must be challenged the monument must be torn down... my way. To prepare I had to clear my head of the noises and nonsense that would deter me from accomplishing this. I had to take a 2 week 3,000 mile sabbatical that took me from Hempstead TX to Farmington NM, Durango CO, Telluride CO, Fort Collins CO, Cheyenne WY, and back again.

In Farmington and Durango there was fly fishing on the San Juan, where there is still a cool river breeze that blows as the sun sets behind the hills, kayaking on the lower animas, with the challenges of rapids and the wet escape, camping in the slopes of purgatory, where kayaking down the blue runs presents the challenges of rocks and trees, mountain biking, where there is the ever present and actualized fear and pain of falling off the side of the mountain, and playing guitar for hours on the roof with a Budweiser on hand and deer walking by. I would like to thank Bart for teaching me everything he knows of kayaking and being an intoxicated canvass for our crude permanent marker art, Dave for being our mountain bike expert, Ben for listening to me play guitar on the roof, Nance for being the token aggie, and all four of them for letting me crash on their couch, ohh and the Loose Masseuse simply because, and all the drunken interns who where throwing up and jumping off the house into bushes.

In Telluride there was the highly acclaimed and world renowned Telluride Bluegrass Festival where I was a volunteer. I learned to wash my clothes in the river, bathe only once during a week, be half naked and half dirty, dance like a hippie, party in the mountains, everything about organic food (ie hydrogenated vegetable oil) and avalanche theory, to be looked at in a suspicious way, to watch and be part of nature, play guitar in front of people I don't know, where to find the worlds best burrito, partying in the Sheridan Opera House with Yonder Mountain String Band is best described as being part of a circus of people, and to become friends with people I would not normally be friends with. I would like to thank everyone who made this the best learning experience in addition to the great music. This includes my granola supervisors Fonda and Kathlyn, my Chicago pals Mike and Salina who could dance, party, and share, Pete and Julie from Fort Collins for playing guitar with me, sharing thoughts, and being old but young at heart, Becky and Rachelle the pride and joy of the Leadville education system who could both party, share, and enjoy life, 'Lisa and Lindsey the carneys from Olympia for making me a bracelet and making their school pay part of their groups cost if they made a documentary film, Yonni for just being inspirational, and the bands for being sweet ass.

In Fort Collins and Cheyenne I found friends and rodeo. Memories include the radio station 103.5 that played 60's and 70's during the day and sweet blues at night, seeing Pam again and her roommates Lex, Beth, Emily, and another visitor Tarryn. Going out on the town and drinking Skinny Dip, watching some guy with dreads throw up through the table, and happy hour from 10-12 pm. Hiking to a waterfall that can best be described as watertrickle, drinking beer at the New Belgium brewery and sending postcards, eating at Avogadro's Number and drinking margaritas all night down the street. Visiting the Grand Daddy of 'em All at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo museum, watching highlights of the rodeo over the years (includes Lane Frost footage of his last ride when he got gored), the special on Chris Ledoux and his cans of Copenhagen, seeing buffalo roam on the plains, and getting smashed on Tequila, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Rum after a little flip cup. My favorite memory was all the funny, stupid, controversial, serious, and personal conversations I had before I went to bed.

Now that I have cleared my head of the noises and nonsense it is time to get one last dose of it... the Comal river trip. Let it ride... shoot the shoots naked!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Telluride Town

Written and Composed by: HHP3
Chords: G Em D Am Em

"This song is dedicated to my fellow festivarian Pete who picked and grinned with me at Telecam field in Telluride on that first night of many..."


(Rhythm no words 1X)

I'm sittin' n' talkin'
Just pickin' n' grinnin'
I'll tell ya'll somethin'
If ya sit up and listen

I'm up from Texas
Left the heat behind
All the light beer
And that west Texas sky

But here in Colorado
Wher'em mountains are still white
let's light up a joint
And toast the sunlight

(Rhythm no words 1X)

Well they're better things
To talk about
Than where I'm from
Or what I'm about

There's a world out there
And closer than it seems
So let's pack our bags
And go chase our dreams

(Rhythm no words 1X)

I'm sittin' n' talkin'
Just pickin' n' grinnin'
I'll tell ya'll somethin'
If ya sit up and listen

There's a bluegrass festival
They're burnin' it down
So let's raise all hell
It's a Telluride Town

Pash with your neighbor
Go sleep in her tent
If the good die young
Then we're livin' forever

(Rhythm no words 1X)

The music is grass
The star is a Bush
This field our home
It's a Telecam hmmm

(Rhythm no words 1X)

What brings us together
Ain't diplomacy
See it's (A capella)
Free people like you and (Strum D 1X)
Free people like me (Strum Am 1X)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tid Bits

To just be alive is no way to live
So go on and get livin'
And don't get dead, before you die

Some things in life must be done because they are the right thing to do, thou some things in life must be done just to say you did them...

Regardless if our glasses are half-full or half -empty, they can always stand to be topped off... BARTENDER!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Question

The following is a true story... and one that has left me perplexed.

I found myself driving east down the collegiate streets of Texas A&M University. Out of the corner of my eye I catch the glimpse of movement... a black cat running at a furious pace to cross in front of me. Trying to avoid hitting the black cat I swerved to the right only in a futile attempt. CRUNCH I hit the cat. A moment of sickness and fear grip my body. I slow down and look back. I don't see anything... oohh is it stuck under my car? Later I would look underneath and see nothing. I continue with my slow pace and get into the left lane because there is a cop in the right lane looking for people running a stop sign. I begin thinking about the result of the encounter and my luck... especially now that it is near Halloween! What kind of luck do I have?

A) Regular bad luck because the black cat was trying to pass in front
B) Not bad luck because the black cat tried to run in front of me and I ran it's ass over
C) Regular bad luck because he was not dead in the road and therefore he got by and is ALIVE
D) Double bad luck because I killed a black cat
E) Impending death or toad life because I killed a witches black cat and she has cursed me
F) Damn the police... it's all their fault
E) Nothing, when headed east no bad luck will cross your path
G) The cat is a ghost and it was only my mind that made me hear the CRUNCH

Please reply to this and give my your answer