Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Question

The following is a true story... and one that has left me perplexed.

I found myself driving east down the collegiate streets of Texas A&M University. Out of the corner of my eye I catch the glimpse of movement... a black cat running at a furious pace to cross in front of me. Trying to avoid hitting the black cat I swerved to the right only in a futile attempt. CRUNCH I hit the cat. A moment of sickness and fear grip my body. I slow down and look back. I don't see anything... oohh is it stuck under my car? Later I would look underneath and see nothing. I continue with my slow pace and get into the left lane because there is a cop in the right lane looking for people running a stop sign. I begin thinking about the result of the encounter and my luck... especially now that it is near Halloween! What kind of luck do I have?

A) Regular bad luck because the black cat was trying to pass in front
B) Not bad luck because the black cat tried to run in front of me and I ran it's ass over
C) Regular bad luck because he was not dead in the road and therefore he got by and is ALIVE
D) Double bad luck because I killed a black cat
E) Impending death or toad life because I killed a witches black cat and she has cursed me
F) Damn the police... it's all their fault
E) Nothing, when headed east no bad luck will cross your path
G) The cat is a ghost and it was only my mind that made me hear the CRUNCH

Please reply to this and give my your answer

Monday, October 24, 2005

Social Interaction Today

I am perplexed at the inability, and in some cases fear, of the average individual to interact with other human beings in simple day-to-day contact.

Walking around today one can see our generation attempting to isolate themselves from others with cell phones, earphone pieces, music headphones, and other devices. Striking up a conversation with somebody you don't know is not only unordinary but approaching a social taboo. What to expect from the future? Social interaction will exist only in personal spheres of interest with personalized clubs, activities, web groups, online dating services, and other groupings. We will totally screen out those who we assume we don't want to meet and leave those we have catagorized as acceptable.

So what is the problem? The problem is personal interest inbreeding! We will eradicate any avenue of mental and physical diversification and limit our own understanding of life and everything that that encompasses. So stop being afraid of people you don't know. Don't shy away from somebody different. Don't limit your growth or experiences that you might gain from interacting with somebody... anybody. Take off your electronic armor. Look at somebody that would not fit into your" drop-down" list and say hello... you don't know where it might go.